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Most companies recognize that it is their people who most directly determine their success. But in today’s environment, where more businesses are vying for a share of an increasingly competitive talent pool, finding the right people to fill critical positions has become more challenging than ever.

As a result, many of today’s leading businesses seek outside search firms to help with their executive search, staffing and consulting needs. Those who are serious about finding the best for their company come to us.

We are CBA and since 1974 we have specialized in bringing talented candidates together with successful businesses around the country.

We are one of the top five search firms in the Washington, DC area and one of the top 50 nationwide. While we are pleased with those credentials, we are especially proud of the relationships we have built over the years—not only with our clients, but between the companies we serve and the employees we helped them hire.

When you get right down to it, a business is nothing more than an intricate series of relationships. And forging relationships is what CBA is all about. It is the focus of each of our practice areas and it defines the way we do business.

We also believe it is what sets us apart from other search firms. Recruiting is not just about matching skill sets. It’s about matching people with organizational cultures, philosophies, and, of course, with other people. We ask our clients a lot of questions. We ask our candidates even more. Why? Because establishing that relationship is the only way to truly determine if a person is right for a position, and also if a position is right for that person.

So don’t expect us to bombard you with resumes. In fact, don’t be surprised if we only provide you with two or three candidates for a particular position. We believe it’s our job to identify the very best prospects for your specific needs, not to fill your in-box with stacks of paper about everyone who seemingly fits the job description.

We specialize in employment opportunities and establishing relationships in these areas:
CBA offers several ways for you to search for the best talent for your company.
  • Contingency Search
  • Retained Search
  • Container Search
  • Contract Employee
This type of search costs your firm nothing in advance, our fee is due only when a candidate is placed with your company. This is the most popular program; however it is not the most effective for immediate and urgent searches.
We provide an affordable way for our clients recruiting needs for their most urgent and immediate positions. Recruiting fees are paid in thirds and will guarantee that CBA finds their candidates with the utmost priority.
This program is for companies that have multiple positions to fill over the course of a year or more. A fixed amount is paid each month and applied towards the fee of any candidate(s) hired.
This is a very popular choice, with this program CBA handles all payroll, taxes, and insurance; the candidate is an employee of CBA and working for Client under a contract through our firm. This is the best option for single project staffing. With this option at the end of the project the contractor does not pay Unemployment, Cobra/Insurance.


Are you a business in need of talented, qualified candidates to add to your team on a temporary or permanent basis? Contact us today.