Preparing for the next job interview can feel daunting, especially if you’ve been on several interviews with no resulting job offer yet. After a while it’s easy to begin wondering, “what am I doing wrong?” A great starting place to review your interviewing skills is to revisit these basic questions and how you are answering them. Are you preparing examples and answers in advance? If not, then here are our 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions to get your prep started. Practicing and preparing great answers will help improve your confidence and overall performance no matter what the interview. 1) What are some of your biggest achievements?Read More →

It’s happened! Your resume succeeded in leaping the stack of applicants and you received THE call to come in for a job interview. NOW WHAT? With the pending appointment on your calendar how exactly do we get ready for this job interview? Here are CBA’s top five quick tips to help any applicant shine during a job interview: 1) Dress for success. It doesn’t matter what the job is, showing up well dressed is a sign of respect for your interview panel and for the business where you are hoping to work. When in doubt, over dress. 2) Bring copies of your resume printed outRead More →

In today’s competitive workplace applying for jobs without a resume is like starting at the end of the line. A great-looking resume that can be printed, emailed and uploaded to websites is essential for getting noticed by employers and getting an interview. All too often we’ve seen poorly written resumes for otherwise excellent candidates. Messy and disorganized resumes portray inexperience and lack of attention. It can be overwhelming to get started writing a resume and difficult to finish writing when frustration has kicked in. Bad resumes or lack of a resume will likely stop you from getting to the next step of the hiring process.Read More →

Your resume is your single biggest chance to make a first impression. At CBA, our executive search team has encountered many qualified candidates who arrive without a resume in hand. It’s so frequent that we now include a resume review as part of the hiring process.Read More →