What is a resume and is it really that important?


What is a resume and is it really that important?

A resume is a brief summary of a person’s work history, successes, education and experience and it’s most often used when applying for a new job. 

Is it okay to skip a resume and go without one? After all, the job application will probably have room for all of your work history to be listed, right?  No. If you are serious about promoting yourself into a more fulfilling, higher-salary job then your resume is key. It’s your single biggest chance to make a first impression. Think of your resume as an advertisement of yourself. It’s more than just your history, it’s a product you’ve created for presentation. If it’s well-written and clean, then that demonstrates how you may perform on the job. If it’s sloppy and incomplete, that also demonstrates how you may perform on your next job. Get the point? 

Your resume is your single biggest chance to make a first impression.

At CBA, our executive search team has encountered many qualified candidates who arrive without a resume in hand. It’s so frequent that we now include a resume review as part of the hiring process. Here are the top four items we go over with talented professionals seeking better employment:

  1. Is your resume professional looking? It needs to be organized and clean with all spelling and grammar correct.
  2. Do you have a  current projects list or up to date portfolio of work that you have had a hand in or completed? 
  3. A resume should be able to describe in some way what impact you had on your previous position. Employers want to know what impact you will have on their position… does your resume show that?
  4. Is it user-friendly? Your resume needs to be saved as a PDF file and also printed out on paper. Make sure it looks good in both versions. 

Spend the time now to improve your resume and gain an edge for improving your future. It’s a first impression worth making.