Prepping for Your Job Interview

It’s happened! Your resume succeeded in leaping the stack of applicants and you received THE call to come in for a job interview. NOW WHAT? With the pending appointment on your calendar how exactly do we get ready for this job interview?

Here are CBA’s top five quick tips to help any applicant shine during a job interview:

1) Dress for success. It doesn’t matter what the job is, showing up well dressed is a sign of respect for your interview panel and for the business where you are hoping to work. When in doubt, over dress.

2) Bring copies of your resume printed out on good quality paper. Three copies at a minimum is recommended, or one for each of the interview panel if you know how many.

3) Be prepared to talk about your resume and specific examples of solutions and successes that you have achieved thus far in your career. Bring a note pad to jot down thoughts as they arise, do not interrupt the interviewers with replies. Wait your turn to talk and address your notes when it’s your turn to talk.

4) At all times be positive. Never criticize a former employer or former co-workers. This interview is about YOU and not the failings or faults of anyone else. Keep the focus on you by staying positive and keeping the discussion about your best traits for this new job.

5) Ask for the job. If you like what you are hearing in the interview, be sure to actually ask for the job. Many times applicants simply comply with the questioners and leave without asserting their desire to join the firm. Respectfully state, “I like what we’ve talked about here and would like to be a part of this team. If you feel my qualifications are a good match, I would like to be hired as your new [job title].”