Get started! Shortcut tips for writing a resume

In today’s competitive workplace applying for jobs without a resume is like starting at the end of the line. A great-looking resume that can be printed, emailed and uploaded to websites is essential for getting noticed by employers and getting an interview.

All too often we’ve seen poorly written resumes for otherwise excellent candidates. Messy and disorganized resumes portray inexperience and lack of attention. It can be overwhelming to get started writing a resume and difficult to finish writing when frustration has kicked in. Bad resumes or lack of a resume will likely stop you from getting to the next step of the hiring process.

Get in the game with a professional-looking resume that employers will notice. It should quickly portray your talents and abilities in an organized style that is easy to read. And it should look good on both paper and in an email. If writing your resume seems overwhelming or hard to complete, we encourage resume writing shortcuts to help make it a quick and easy process for getting you in the game.

Here are a few resume writing shortcuts that may help you get started if you are stuck on what to do next:

Shortcut #1: Get the app.

We found several resume writing apps in the Google Play store and Apple Store. They make it easy to structure your work history and talents into a formatted resume directly from your mobile device. We tested out a few of these apps and found Resume Star easy to use with a good-looking output. Once the cover letter and resume were complete, Resume Star even gave us the option to email the resume to a potential employer.

Shortcut #2: Templates.

A quick internet search reveals many template and resume writing services that are free and that are also for hire. As a special tip, we’ve even provided a template here that shows how to organize your information the way that employers have expressed they want to see information.

Shortcut #3: Sample books.

Head to your local library, bookstore or online book shop. Resume books are widely available and offers a variety of samples. You may just find one that exactly fits your needs and then it’s a matter of filling in the blanks.

And remember it’s always a good idea have another person proof your resume before sending it out.